Company | Company History

1990: VCS Hytek Air Conditioning Inc. was incorporated as a partnership between two technicians. VCS Hytek grew as a service and maintenance company to employ five technicians.

1996: Victor Seder purchased his partner’s shares and became sole owner. With his construction background, Victor increased VCS Hytek’s scope of work to include installations.

1999: Don Wong, P. Eng., was hired to estimate bid/spec work and manage VCS Hytek’s installation jobs. The company grew in the construction industry to include design/build installations and full mechanical contracting.

2003: VCS Hytek Air Conditioning Inc. changed its legal name to Hytek Mechanical Inc.

2004: Bob Wray was hired to further Hytek’s design/build capabilities and to increase our service and maintenance customer base.

2008: Ron Angelini was added to the team as a Service Sales Manager to better serve our contract customers. This allowed Bob Wray to focus his efforts on serving our design/build clientele.

2008: Garrett Seder was brought in from the field to serve as Operations Manager, overseeing the day-to-day business and customer relations.

2013: John Jutras was hired to further expand our installation division.

2017: Brian Lunde joined us to broaden our contract customer base by working with property managers to build contracts that suit their needs, and still meet their annual budget goals.

Today: Hytek Mechanical Inc. takes pride in being a family owned and operated business. We currently employ 17 UA516 technicians, and a total of 28 employees.