PROJECTS | Mountain Square - Whistler

This site had two old BAC Cooling Towers and an old Lochinvaar Boiler. Through coordination with the Building owners, the Municipality of Whistler, and three adjoining hotels, Hytek was able to close the road, and 2 Parkades to lift our new equipement with a 90 ton crane.

In a single day the old equipment was removed, and replaced with new energy efficient equipment. Over the next few days a new BAC Cooling tower complete with Variable Frequency drive motor and controls was re-connected to the Building Heat Pump loop system. A specially designed Spring platform was installed so the tower could be anchored to the existing concrete sleepers.

Hytek installed two new high-efficiency condensing boilers, and retrofitted much of the boiler room piping.

A new in-line magnetic water filter and a side stream filter were installed and the chemical system was upgraded. A new control panel was installed to operate the cooling tower and boilers. The customer now has a control system which stages their new high efficiency heat pump loop system.

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